Peter - Owen Ovadoz


Lirik lagu: Peter

Owen : Watch out lil bih
Peter : Watch out lil bih
Owen : Watch out lil hoe
Peter : What you doing?

Owen : Just chillin just chillin same old day you know?
Peter : Yo you at NY right now?
Owen : Yeah it's mad cold
Peter : Yo it's sunny and warm LA right now man

Owen : As usual like why you talking why you talking like voice mail motherfucker lol wtf
Peter : You're right you're right you're right
Owen : Aight so how's how's everything? How's Glendale?
Peter : Good my man life looks good tryna keep busy working on music tryna get girls to call me Zaddy you already know lol how about you? Staying busy?

Owen : Yeah I'm making an album and uhm I made I made a lil special something for you sp-special Glendale combo Peter? Where's Peter? I uh your uh special Glendale combo came out with Dr.Pepper
Peter : Let me hear that shit
Owen : Right now?

Peter : Right now
Owen : Aight

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